Ambit CRM is a system designed to help hotels understand their guests, as well as meetings and event planners. Each CRM component is designed to acquire and analyze specific behaviors, cultivate the client relationship and provide management with the ability to market the right product to the right guest/planner at the right time.Our guest management tool offers the most complete email marketing features. It allows you to segment your client database and send targeted marketing campaigns with special promotions. You can also send automated emails prior to the arrival of a guest or after their stay.
Ambit Banking and Financial Services practice is focused on developing targeted services and frameworks to support the financial services industry. Our wide range of technology and applications services deliver thought leadership, automation, IT-KPO Integration, zero-defect deliveries, efficiency gains, scalability and compliance for leading banks and financial institutions around the world.Change your organization from policy-centric to customer-centric, helping your people to be more effective, Ambit CRM.
First, the Web redefined media . Now, the social revolution is shaking things up again. Whether you’re selling ads, entertainment, or information, you need to understand what content is hot, and get it working for you. To connect with what people want, and help your team work together to turn customers into fans. The more loyalty you gain, the more your customer base increases. With our unique social media tools, interacting with customers and fans becomes like a walk in the park.
The Healthcare CRM of our organization helps the hospitals and the healthcare industry to target the most profitable customers (consumers or physicians) and also helps in lowering marketing expense. This software helps you to track your return on investment of your programs. It allows you to send the right message to the right people at the right time, thereby allowing them to take better care of their health. Programs such as these also can boost customer loyalty. This is true for consumers and physicians.
Discrete Manufacturers today face new challenges such as new market opportunities, global and complex supply chain, and diverse set of user demands related to information flow within and across organizational boundaries. Products are getting complex, intense competition in the market, and customers wants more choices than ever before. Market demands vary continuously and are unpredictable. Building flexible IT solutions in the areas of CRM, ERP and analytics to improve manufacturing operations and increase your competitiveness is a growing challenge.
Our solutions for the retail market are designed to guide our retail customers through rapidly changing technology and business environments. Our combination of strong technology skills and understanding of the retail business and the processes that drive its operations ensures we not only bring your operating costs down but also leverage technology advances to improve the agility of the retail business.With Ambit CRM, retailers can manage all their customer touch points more effectively-building loyalty, gaining insight into customer decision making, and delivering a seamless customer experience with integrated business processes. Ambit will increase efficiency between sales and marketing, ensuring that customers aren't "over marketed." And, Ambit integrates equally well with e-commerce platforms and in-store, point-of-sale systems.
Education industry is rapidly going global in this increasingly flat world's leveraging the connectivity offered by the internet, the industry is gearing up to offer better access, convenience and flexibility to learners. A number of technologies such as standard browser access, SaaS, RIA such as Silverlight, Flash and AJAX, mature open source infrastructure are playing together to make this a reality. Ambit has created a number of solutions by delivering software products, teaching aids, training materials, custom solutions in e-learning, learning management, content delivery, distance learning and enterprise portal & collaborative solutions using Microsoft Sharepoint.
The Ambit CRM is a solution for travel companies to manage their customer and ticketing related details. We observe that most of the small and mid size travel companies still use incompetent methods to manage their important data; hence, we developed this solution specifically for travel companies keeping all their needs in mind.Ambit CRM is a perfect solution to enhance productivity and better manage the operations of any travel company

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